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Facebook is a leading online advertising platform accessing the two largest social media networks; Facebook & Instagram


The best online advertising platform for reaching specific targets & demographics, namely in the business space!


Google ads taps into the largest search engine, allowing your campaigns to be seen based on specific searches & keywords


JL Advertising Process



We don’t stop at running online advertisements. We go one step further an ensure that you’re initial touch points are taken care of AUTOMATICALLY! 

Never worry about reaching out to leads too late, our automation handles every lead consistently and quickly. 

This automation process allows us to ensure the success of all our lead generation

Follow up & get your essential touch points without lifting a finger!


Many online advertisements and lead generation campaigns fail due to poor offer structures & value ladders. 

We take the time to develop a solid value ladder bringing your leads through a series of touch points to increase your closing rate.

We keep your value ladder at the center of every component in your lead generation campaigns. 

Provide value and guide leads to your top offer!


Here’s the thing, throwing ad budget at cold audiences & expecting results NEVER works.

The real magic with online advertisements happens through retargeting. Most leads need AT LEAST 5-10 touch points, which occur through retargeting campaigns.

Along with your value ladder & automation, retargeting helps increase the success of your ads

Give leads the touch points they need to take action!

Here's How It Works

Let’s breakdown EXACTLY what it looks like when you work with the JL Advertising team!

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I would highly recommend working with Jon & the JL Advertising team. They have gotten me amazing results and the best part is the results are consistent. I've been able to rely on my advertising as the only source of getting new clients! Such a breath of fresh air being able to sit back and know that I don't need to worry about getting new business! The JL Advertising team really do take care of everything and they've made the whole process so easy!
Gary P.
Carpet Cleaning
I like you guys; your customer service is the BEST I've seen in a LONG time, and your tech support is UNMATCHED. This is not empty praise. I've hired about 8 large companies and 3 freelancers over the past 11 years I've been in business, I've created my own ads too, delivered flyers and business cards, knocked on doors. You guys have something here. I like your willingness to prove your skills and back up your results. I'm sure you can make your company the most sought after advertising agency in Canada. Keep it up!
Carlos P.
Carpet Cleaning
If you want to be busy, JL Advertising can definitely help! Since starting to work with JL Advertising our business has never been the same. Our ads get us so many new clients we've had to double our team! I've been very impressed with how the team goes above and beyond all my expectations and he always goes the extra mile. I don't know how I ran my business before working with JL Advertising because these results are CRAZY! If you need help getting clients, hit them up.
Perry M.
Window Washing

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